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Who Do I want To Become?

I want everyone to value yourself, knowledge, talent and discover what you have to offer. I look around and see people just going through the motions in this life but they are not really living. We are all so busy, on the go with frustration, so focused on our cell phones we don’t take time to observe the world around us. You don’t notice the stranger helping another, the smile/laughter from your children or sadness in their eyes when they go unseen,  lost communication between couples that start to drift separate ways, unaware of a friend in need, a coworker struggling to be noticed, or lose sight of the beautiful scenery around you.  Time flies by in a flash and before you know it’s a new year and you are stuck in the same situation. It’s time to change that! It’s time to LIVE YOUR LIFE with happiness and joy.  Be PRESENT in this world and take notice to what’s going on around you and with others.


IT’S A NEW YEAR! One word for you CHANGE! Don’t fear it, embrace it.

Assess yourself, who are you? Are you the person you dream of becoming? Are you successful? Do you have the dream job? Are you comfortable in your skin and body? Are you happy with your life? Are happy with your career? Are you happy in your relationship? Are you healthy? Do you know what your purpose is? What’s your attitude? How do you respond to others? How do others respond to you? Have you lost yourself or your way? How will others remember you or will they??

It’s time to figure these things out. YOU are the only one who can CHANGE these things to make yourself a better person and find these answers. Make your dreams become a reality. Take a look at each of those questions and answer them. If you can’t answer in a positive response then it’s time for change, RIGHT!

Who are you, who do you want to become and how can you get there. What needs to change? You can have the vision and believe in the secret but at the end of the day if you don’t GET UP and take ACTION then nothing will change. You need to open your mind to endless possibilities and create a plan, it’s never too late. Some can figure it out on their own, others need guidance. Reach out to a true friend, trainer, mentor, coach, image consultant, or maybe all of these can help you in specific areas.


Find your confidence! Find something that inspires and empowers you. Have a clear vision of your goals for motivation that brings you the drive and determination to get off your ass and reach success. You find motivation through your thoughts. These thoughts are what brings on that drive to succeed because you have goals to accomplish and you have a clear vision of your reward when it’s reached.

How do you look and feel about yourself. Starting on the outside with your image can kick-start that confidence and self-worth you need to start making a difference. It’s a PROVEN FACT that you are more confident and happy when you feel good and look great. Then you work on the inside to find self-love. We are all beautiful but you have to feel it and be comfortable in your own skin to shine! This is the year to find your best-self!

Ask yourself when situations arise: “what would my best-self do in this situation?” Find a positive attitude in life. Everyone has choices. Wake up in the morning and choose to be happy. Nobody wants to be around negative people.

This year I’m starting new myself. I’m making positive changes, choices, and I’m on a mission to bring you inspiration, empowerment, and motivation to find your best-self. I’m also going to give things away for FREE! Yep!

I will have a new blog coming out by the end of the month and my Facebook page is rising to a whole new level from image, style, confidence to success in business and how to get there. I’m going to teach how to get RESULTS. How to find yourself, your image, dress for success, power of color, shop smart, dress for your body shape, and also how to become successful with a  positive attitude, motivation, tips on what works, interviews from other successful people, networking tips, leadership, training, gain self-worth, find confidence, and so much more.  Stop procrastinating and create your own destiny.

Make this an AMAZING YEAR and reach your goals and then create more. It’s your life change it and don’t let others get in the way of your dreams.


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Thank you for reading my post.