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When you are under 5’3” you have to be careful of the styles and shoes you wear because some silhouettes can make you look short/stubby/stocky; NOT GOOD!


Here are some tips to help you lengthen the body when you are a shorty such as myself!


When it comes to shorts, the shorter options are better for you.

  • The high waist bottoms are in right now and they are GREAT on you! The high waist option helps lengthen the legs. This works for pants & skirts as well! Have fun with this trend.
  • When choosing a PRINT go easy! A print that’s too large can be overwhelming on your small frame.


These options are NOT your best friend. When you are short/petite these can look really bad on you and shorten you even more. Here are a couple options on how to get away with wearing these styles.

  • You should NOT choose wide leg. Make sure these are more fitted and slim pant style.
  • Also choose a shoe the same color or shade. If you can match the shoe to the pants then do so. If you have dark color pants wear dark shoe, light color pants need a light shoe. This helps give your legs some more length. You can always throw on a nude heel that will also lengthen the legs and can be worn with any color pants.


  • Go for a trendy high waist option, and relaxed fit, straight leg jeans are best options. Depending on your body shape you can work with skinny, boot cut, tapered styles but you should know what works with your shape before wearing these styles. These styles look good on specific shapes.
  • Same for casual or dress pants! With dress pants you can wear the relaxed fit, straight leg or even slim cuts and show off a little ankle then match the shoes or go with nude pumps.


With skirt options you really don’t want to go beneath the knees or it will shorten you up. Unless you are wearing a maxi style. If you are short and not petite but DO go with a skirt that falls to below the knee or to the calf.

  • Maxi skirts are fine if you choose high waist it will elongate the body. You can wear a crop top or just tuck a fitted shirt in with it.
  • Midi skirts are ok depending on what shoe you wear with it. Be careful of this style because it can shorten you as it sits just below the knee. Wear a shoe same color or a nude, preferably a little heel to add some height.
  • Short skirts are great for your body shape and wearing the right shoe can elongate the legs which is sexy.


  • Heels are wonderful for you if you can wear them.
  • Every short girl should have a fabulous pair of NUDE HEELS! You will love what these do for your beautiful legs. Pick a nude shade that matches well with your skin tone.
  • STRAPS? Not the best option for you. Sorry! I know they are in style right now. Unless you choose a color that is close to your skin tone it will shorten the legs a lot! If you don’t care and just want a sexy strappy shoe then go for it!
  • POINTY TOE shoes are your best friend. They will elongate the leg no matter what the heel size is. If you can’t wear a heel pick a great pair of flats with pointy toe.
  • Classic pumps, sling backs (my favorite), kitten heels, & pointed toe are you best options for shoes to elongate those gorgeous legs. ANY STYLE IN NUDE COLOR!


Great styles for short women!

Great styles for short women!