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Here are some tips to get organized before doing a closet audit with your personal stylist. It’s Spring and this is the time to get organized and weed out those winter clothes. Some of my clients have me come in and do a seasonal closet audit which is wonderful. If you cannot do that you should purge your closet at least once or twice a year. Spring time is a good time to do it and then maybe winter time would be the second time for the year.

  1. Pick out hangers that are all the same color, preferably white it looks crisp and clean and neat
  2. Buy some belt/tie/scarf hangers
  3. Place shoe racks in your closet so they are neat and organized
  4. Storage boxes are great for accessories
  5. Lint brushes- keep these around the house and in the closet
  6. Sweater bags are great for putting your winter clothes away
  7. You can even buy storage bins that you hide away under your bed
  8. Over the closet hanging hooks are great! You can even display your outfit to wear the next day on it.
  9. Baskets & bins are helpful for tossing items in
  10. Cloth bags for your purses so they don’t get scuffed up
  11. Jewelry bins Have all these items in place and that way if you hire your personal stylist to do a closet audit it makes it easy and quicker process!

Enjoy and LOVE all the clothes in your closet!

Lisa @ Posh Image