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Follow these tips to look younger and take care of your skin.


  • Vitamin C /hyaluronic acid/ retinol & sunscreen!
  • Face makeup primer- softens lines /pores & imperfections
  • Creamy or liquid foundation – won’t settle in lines. DON’T use powder if you have wrinkles
  • Contouring can do wonders especially if you want to have fabulous cheekbones
  • Microdermabrasion / peels and laser facials are miracle workers and can take away or soften wrinkles and pores


  • Always keep eyes hydrated with a great moisturizing cream that de-puff the eyes – can even use organic coconut oil at night time for a natural remedy
  • Light highlighter under the eyes will allow the light to hit it just right and brighten the eyes up
  • You can make your eyes big and beautiful with beige colored pencil liner on bottom last to pen the eyes up


  • Choose the right hair color for your skin tone
  • Add some beautiful highlights or low lights to get dimension in your hair color. All one color can look boring and dull
  • BANGS – yes, bangs can actually make you look younger
  • The right hair cut for your face shape